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Christian Action Network (CAN) was founded in 1990 by Martin Mawyer. Based in Lynchburg, Virginia, the group is a public advocacy and education organization based on biblical principles, values, traditions and American ideals. Its primary goals are to protect Americas religious and moral heritage through educational efforts. CAN accomplishes its education work through direct-mail campaigns aimed at impacting public policy, along with public speaking engagements, documentary films, radio and TV interviews, books, and alliances with other organizations to impact change.
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The website is a blog post covering recent trends and aims to provide information about things that matter. It seeks to stay true and showcase different viewpoints on a matter. It aims to investigate issues of the present and the recent or the distant future and discuss the similar situations that happened in the past. In doing so, it aims to search for possible solutions to the problems we face in the present and try to relate them to things that may seem unrelated at first. The website contains information and opinions that may change over time. The authors would maintain a sense of honesty stating the source of information and would like the readers to raise issues amicably on the credibility of the information posted on the website as this is a source to discuss the possible solutions to real-world problems and encourage viewers to maintain dignity while expressing opinions.
Ol, seja bem vinda(o) ao meu blog! Meu nome Dbora. Nutricionista, Blogueira e Reprter tenho como hobbie escrever para a internet. Criei o Blog Solution com o intuito de compartilhar informao de qualidade e ajudar centenas de pessoas com as minhas postagens sem cobrar nada em troca por isso. Nesse Blog traremos informaes relevantes, dos mais diversos assuntos: Sade, Relacionado, Dinheiro, Finanas e muito mais. Ento entre e fique a vontade. Queremos que voc tenha uma tima experincia em nosso Blog.
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Class site for VMT Journalism and online media classes.
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