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I want to be YOUR Sheriff, elected by the people of El Paso County and responsible to you. As a career law enforcement officer (LEO), I am dismayed and saddened by the corruption that has rocked this department. So long as the sitting sheriff comes from the same era as the misconduct, the public rightly will have the perception that good old fashioned politics are still in play. I don't know anyone who works at the sheriff's department, past or present, so I am a complete outsider. I am also a political novice. That means I am not beholden to any special interests other than YOURS. I will work hard to restore the publics trust. It must happen. It WILL happen. My law enforcement experience makes me uniquely qualified to run the sheriffs department. Ive been in charge of five law enforcement field offices and responsible for hundreds of LEOs and thousands of investigations and operations. My executive experience means I know how to lead, motivate, inspire and achieve success.
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