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Líderes de la edición de libros en español, pioneros en formación médica online y plataformas de E-learning para la educación. #OceanoRD.
Editorial Viadas Cursos en Video de: Revit, AutoCAD, Autodesk Robot, SAP 2000, NavisWorks, Microsoft, Adobe, Programacin, PHP con Asesoria Experta Incluida.
Fully Involved Fire is a cutting edge supplier of advanced firefighter training solutions. We maintain low prices that every firefighter can afford. We also offer group pricing so that fire departments can purchase memberships for all of their firefighters. It is time to take your training to next level. Sign up for an FIF membership and receive access to ALL of our training materials and online firefighter training SIMs!
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Asesoras, Consultoras y Formacin para un Mejor USO de las TIC en sus Actividades Profesionales y Laborales. #Emprendedor. @LuisSalamancaA Cel. +57 316-7694571 AYUDO, A Empresarios y Propietarios de Negocios Locales a lograr mejores niveles de rentabilidad y productividad con la Implementacin y Formacin Presencial o Virtual, en Herramientas Digitales y el Uso Eficiente de las Tecnologas que ofrece Internet para el desarrollo de sus negocios. A Instituciones Educativas a elevar el nivel de desempeo de sus Docentes formndolos en el uso de herramientas digitales que optimicen y mejoren la Calidad Educativa a sus estudiantes. Al Pblico en General a mejorar su efectividad en el uso de diferentes herramientas digitales, con la realizacin de Cursos y Tutoriales. ME INTERESA generar Alianzas y desarrollar Coopetencia con Emprendedores y Empresarios, compartiendo Ideas de Negocio para desarrollarlas juntos.
The mission of Open Learning Exchange is focused on moving from education to learning. We are making this happen with our Planet Learning system, an offline learning innovation that contains: ++ A rich multimedia digital library; ++ Templates for course development; ++ Tools for content creation; ++ An assessment module to certify learning; and ++ Feedback tools to evaluate the learning system and to monitor the demographic status of a community. OLEs Planet Learning system is an innovation that is demand-driven, affordable, scalable, networked and is employed at low cost in resource-limited settings to address the scarcity of quality and timely learning resources and the lack of qualified teachers. With this technologically innovative solution, we seek to inspire personalized learning, which is team-supported, community-based and globally connected. We work in partnership with in-country educational entrepreneurs who establish independent organizations, with leadership,
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