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Concept Slides is a Design Thinking Consulting Firm started to help CXOs, top executives and managers to visualise and sythesize their ideas using office productivity tools.
Intellectual Events and Conferences Private Limited (IntelEvents) specializes in conducting knowledge events and experiential trainings to our clients. We conceptualize and produce trainings and business conferences on topics that are cutting edge and futuristic, so that your business gains the most out of it.
Rahul Mukherjee's endeavour on Visual Communication Marketing: Focusing on facts, information, technology, design, blogging and social media.
When will the Rapture of the Church occur? This has been a heavily disputed topic among believers over the last few decades. We believe the Rapture of the Church is a Mid-Tribulational event! The Mid-Tribulational position also has the overwhelming amount of biblical support, as we shall see in this book. Come, join with us on a unique journey into Bible prophecy, and get ready to hear all about the THE LAST TRUMP! Sixty-two percent of believers hold to a pre-tribulational rapture, while thirty-one percent believe in a post-tribulational and/or a pre-wrath rapture. Only seven percent of believers hold to a mid-tribulational rapture. Find out why we are in the minority and in a soon to be majority, in the undisputed and rare case for a mid-tribulational rapture.
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