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Simply take a photo of a mystery critter using your cellphone and our crypto-critter app will tell you what it is linking your cellphone to the Darwin Ledger blockchain will allow you to populate the citizen science blockchain and even earn bounties in the form of Darwin tokens for doing so. People are naturally conservationist and take an active interest in nature from an early age. The popularity of Steve Irwin and David Attenborough illustrated our ongoing interest in human interaction with life on Earth. However, it has been difficult, if not near-impossible for the general public to contribute meaningfully to science.
Wildlife Innovations specializes in predator management on State and Federal lands, to help facilitate the recovery of endangered species. Our work will involve the monitoring and removal of confirmed and potential avian and mammalian predators for threatened and endangered species. Although Wildlife Innovations has the ability to implement both lethal and nonlethal management techniques, we emphasize the design and implementation of innovative strategies that focus on nonlethal management for native predators when possible and benefit the long-term health of the local ecosystem. We feel that understanding predator-prey relationships within the local system is paramount, as is understanding potential stressors to those relationships imposed by human modifications to the landscape. This allows us to target specific high-risk species or individuals, and provide higher quality protection for T&E species.
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