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iVOX CENTRO DE INVERSIN Y TOKEN iVOX Nuestro enfoque de proyecto es ambicioso, sin duda, porque nuestro objetivo no es simplemente hacer una moneda criptogrfica. Yendo mucho ms all, el centro de inversin iVOX es la plataforma que no solo sirve para aumentar los ahorros de las personas, sino tambin una fuente de financiamiento para el desarrollo de aplicaciones, portafolios, carteras inteligentes y criptomonedas mineras utilizando tecnologas ambientalmente sostenibles, como energas limpias combinadas, desarrollo y patentado de hardware que ayude en los procesos de construccin de centros mineros y desarrollo de nuestra propia red.
J&L Gardens sells seed for a number of heirloom and rare varieties of tomatoes and other vegetables and fruit. We maintain a seed bank of corn, beans and chile native to the Southwest. All seed is naturally grown and processed in the traditional manner on our farm in Northern New Mexico. In addition, we supply fresh produce in season to local farmers markets and restaurants.
GreasGo All Purpose Cleaner SAFE, Water Based, Non-Flammable, NO Acids, or Caustics. May be used for Kitchens, Baths, Showers, Auto, Laundry, Carpet, Walls, BBQ
WE are a wholly Zimbabwean Owned Company which was incorporated on the 14th of July 2006. The Company specialises in vehicle and building film lamination and tinting of glass. It is a fast growing company using the latest technology in security lamination through its connection with Llumar (Pvt) Ltd of the Republic of South Africa.
Bioremediation Cleaning Products
an eCommerce website to sell D.I.Y solar panels. we are just a 3rd party site or platform to purchase solar panels and parts
Operational Precision Systems (O-P-S, LLC) is a corporation founded to provide turn-key environmental monitoring and management solutions for agencies responsible for testing samples against mandated regulatory requirements, yet too often dont have the resources to maintain compliance and are subsequently experiencing thousands of violations every year. Our mission is to provide solutions to support the management of public infrastructure systems (Water, Waste, Air, Land) and reduce violation levels, increasing national safety and operational effectiveness. The OPS 'Compliance Engine' is capable of managing the operational needs of monitoring & recording hundreds of thousands of samples per day, and assimilating data into alerts and reports to rapidly inform key personnel with information on trends, areas that require investigation, advisory notices, and even alert managers to potential violations before they happen.
Community group with goal to protect the Qu'Appelle watershed.
Hi, I am Soumya Biswas. I have spent most of my life studying microorganisms. I am a molecular microbiologist expertizing in metagenomics.
Sea Turtle Trackers, Inc. is a tiny nonprofit organization founded in 1979 and incorporated in the State of Florida in 2013. We are dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles, education related to sea turtles, in partnership with the State of Florida, local communities such as Pinellas County and St. Pete Beach to ensure a suitable habitat for sea turtles, people and the environment of the islands and surrounding waters.
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