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green environmentally friendly oil absorbents
Aquamarinedirect | Ship & Boat Maintenance & Cleaning Products Bayer-Wood Technologies Ltd
CLEAN CITY PRO: Innovating Tomorrow's Sustainable Solutions...Today. Highly Innovative Green Specialty Cleaners. FAST, SAFE, EFFECTIVE, GREEN Graffiti Remover, Enzyme Odor Remover, Stainless Steel Polish, Bio-Based, Soy, Biodegradable, Environmentally Sustainable, Best Practices for Graffiti Removal.
WE are a wholly Zimbabwean Owned Company which was incorporated on the 14th of July 2006. The Company specialises in vehicle and building film lamination and tinting of glass. It is a fast growing company using the latest technology in security lamination through its connection with Llumar (Pvt) Ltd of the Republic of South Africa.
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