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Peruvian Handicrafts Store.
We are dedicated to providing unique products for clients that have a discerning eye and want something outside the mainstream. Our products are carefully curated, sourced and handmade by locals in Indonesia. All of our products are reclaimed or from sustainable sources with an emphasis on traditional production process. We take pride in supporting local communities and creating products using environmentally friendly techniques. Due to the authentic nature of the products, many of them are one-of-a-kind items based on the natural material, or its handmade process which make for perfect statement pieces. Our dedicated crew are constantly on the hunt in Indonesia to find new and peculiar products that strike through their unique presence. Our textures, colors and materials are inspired by nature and the variety of Indonesias rich culture and multiple ethnicities. We want the rustic nature of the materials to shine through so our products will vary depending on the materials av
Mleat is a Mongolian online store that offers products made using traditional handcrafting techniques. We bring you quality products featuring traditional and modern collections, which include a wide range of Mongolian traditional deels, cashmere, souvenirs, footwear and hats, yurt, morin khuur, leather products, vintage, jewelry etc. Established in 2016, We are based in US and Mongolia. Work with passionate individual designers, small businesses, craftsmen motivated by their love of traditional and modern handcraft products.
SanDs Boutique is a unique Cornish ladies clothing and gift shop. Selling collections like Braintree Clothing, Made in Italy, Squared Earth and Ravalina Bags.
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