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We are a small home based company. Each item we make is unique.
handctafted fishing lures for freshwater and saltwater.
We offer a range of creative woodcraft for any occasion. Browse through our designs, each hand-crafted by a passionate artisan devoted to uncovering the hidden treasure in each piece. Our pieces are sure to elicit comments, but are simple enough to accent, not dominate, your home or office. is a unique e-commerce marketplace targeted for connecting creative manufacturers, artists and craftsmen with creative individuals who would enjoy their products. Buy incredible products from all across the world.
Coastal Decor. Ocean and Beach Style Accents. Tropical and Nautical Style Interiors. Wall Art. Pillow Covers. Lamps. Shower Curtains. Beach Towels. Flip Flops.
Detoledo is an Spanish Company producing 100% Handcrafted frames carved by artisans using traditional techniques maintained since the XVI Century. Since the 1930s, Since the 1930s, each of our artisans have perfected the art of making handcrafted frames. We , at Detoledo, are delighted to present for the first time, our vast selection of frames to the general public. Our frames have been selected by clients that encompasses museums such as The Prado , Reina Sofia , Thyssen-Bornemisza , British Museum , Louvre , DOrsay , to name a few and galleries such as Van Dyck Gallery, Kandinsky Gallery, Albert Gallery, Ansorena Gallery, Duran Gallery, with the addition of institutions of the likes of several European Royal Houses. Works by Picasso,Warhol, Pea , Botero, Kandinsky, Mir , Dal , Goya, are just a few names of one of the most important artists whom Detoledo was requested to frame. All of our frames are custom made in Spain to the specifications of each client provide you all about Thai products such as Thai souvenirs, Thai handmade, Thai Superstitions and Beliefs, Thai herbs, Thai food, Thai Tourist Destination, Thai Culture, Thai cosmetics, Thai amulets, etc.
Invictus crafting is design, fabrication, and laser cutting service with an online shop where artists collaborate and sell their crafts.
We are a Japanese Company based in Northern Japan. Have provided over 20 years of custom design and personalized products for the US Military service member serving in Mainland Japan and Okinawa. Specializing in Japanese themed products, for Going-Away gifts, Retirements, Quarterly Awards, Annual Awards, Wood Working.... Just about anything you can think of we can make custom.
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