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Behemotor is an online shopping site bringing a wide selection of trending & popular kids & baby products, mobile & electronic gadgets & accessories, home, travel & auto accessories to the international marketplace. We were founded in 2017 with the motto of bringing the comfort to your comfort zone. Our mission is to find innovative and truly unique products at the beginning of their life cycle that enhance our customers life experience and at the same time provide a solution to life's tricky predicaments. It is these products that will keep our customers the envy of their family and friends and keep them on the forefront of technology.
Bring style and comfort to your travels. Because... You never know what you need until you are in a destination and you are left with, I wish I have this and that... Yeah, this is for you, for a traveler, for a tourist, for a backpacker, and for anyone who is living the best of their journeys. Get ready and be a Smart Traveler.
Items for the professional and leisure traveler ranging from electronics, luggage, beauty products, accessories; and items for home such as home furnishings.
Securoseal is a globally patented security device for your luggage. It does what no other device does: comprehensively protects you from concealed baggage tampering. Zips can be opened and resealed in seconds with a pen, even if padlocked. TSA locks are also compromised - master keys were accidentally released online in 2015. Baggage tampering happens all the time, resulting in loss from theft and legal liability from smuggling. Take control of your luggage security with Securoseal. Securoseal can be applied in seconds without tools. It straps luggage closed, isolates zips and provides comprehensive tamper detection for your peace of mind. It weighs less than a padlock, yet holds 2x the maximum check in weight, making it the strongest device of its kind. It has been successfully used by Airport authorities to address luggage crime internationally, including by Airports Company South Africa prior to FIFA World Cup. Use what the experts use - get protected with Securoseal.
Walkabout Travel Gear specializes in supplying the independent traveler.
Magellan's is your trusted source for travel accessories, travel clothing, portable electronics, luggage, gifts, and gear for all your travel needs
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