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Christian Community Compassion Center (known as 4C's) is a 501c3 faith-based organization supported by churches, organizations, businesses, and individuals of Saline County and the surrounding area of Southern Illinois. 4 C's was founded in 2007 for the sole purpose of reaching out to those in crisis with compassion, sharing our resources to help meet their immediate physical and/or financial needs while spreading Gods grace and love. 4 C's Ministry is compiled of three distinctly separate ministries, Food Pantry, Homeless Shelter, & Helping Hands, which work hand in hand to meet the needs of the citizens in our area.
The concept is a simple one: In the music industry theres a lot of noise out there that seeks to distract you, and as a group of people who have spent their entire existence learning to navigate the music business, we think we can help. We want to remove the guesswork that costs so many talented artists their career and free you up to focus on your craft. The sad truth we all know is that it isnt the most gifted musicians or lyricist that make it, its the smartest. We partnered together to begin work on an educational community thats open to bands, singer-songwriters, and musicians of every level. Its for people who want to make something. Build something. Go bigger and do better. Its for people who feel like theyre capable of more. People who want to surprise themselves. Last Band Standing is a way for us to communicate with other aspiring artists and offer them career advice every step of the way.
Join our worldwide movement encouraging families to find joy, fulfillment and amazing bonding power by hiking together and spending more time in nature.
A community of like-minded, empowering and inspiring women who can connect, network and venture as we explore the boundless Victorian trails together.
At Human Catalyst, we work with individuals and organizations to grow and perform. Through coaching, individual and team development, and organizational interventions, we help individuals remove the impediments to achievement. One of the unique tools we bring to bear is a method known as PSYCH-K, which is very effective at bringing about rapid change. is a leadership portal owned by Leaderonomics, a social enterprise passionate about transforming nations through leadership development. features leadership insights, trends, CEOs, thought leaders, HR leaders and inspiring real-life stories for your personal and professional development.
Advanced Services System for Personal, professional, and Collective Growth. Experiential Learning, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Systemic Consultancy. Research on Human and Social Sciences. Social Entrepreneurship development services. Alternative Tourism programmes & initiatives. Life Alphabet Editions (books, ebooks, audiobooks)
Living Stones Ministries and Worship Center is a non-denominational Christian church. Ministry is at the heart of what we do as the Body of Christ. We minister to the brokenhearted through restoration. We develop Christian leaders and we provide community outreach.
MOLKOI is a Social Impact Organization that combines the foundations of personal development with the support of a strong community - wherever you need it.
Online Puja Services in South Africa by Hindu pandits. Online Pandit Ji Booking for Pooja Ceremony in Cape Town, Pretoria and Bloemfontein. Offering online pooja rituals, havan and pundit services.
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