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The Assembly of the Celtic Fisher is dedicated to spreading the wisdom and love of Cod to all sentient beings on this planet.
Online Puja Services in New Zealand by Hindu pandits. Online Pandit Ji Booking for Pooja Ceremony in NZ. Offering online pooja rituals, havan and pundit services.
I am all about helping others find the royalty within themselves; in this day and age society has held each other up to unrealistic standards which can play a role in your self esteem. I believe we all carry our own throne, especially when we allow the Creator to reside within us; I am here to help, inspire, and motivate. We all have our own creative mission and spiritual journey to walk in our lives and I feel it is very important for us to find our own path and mission the Creator has tailor made for us in order to live a fulfilling life. I also have blogs to give insight of my own spiritual journey, natural beneficial ingredients for hair & skin, my healthy natural hair journey, and an online store soon to come which will include inspirational t-shirts, canvases, mugs, candles, natural oils & butters, and anything I can think of that will inspire you for the better and uplift you.
Spiritual notes from a greater source. Inner guidance and self-development. Infinte Possibilities Trainer / Coach Life Coach Mentor Meditation Group Teacher Personal Development Professional Health and Well-being Advisor
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