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Apostolic Church teaching the Apostles Doctrine being they were taught directly by Jesus Christ. One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism. Spirit-Filled Body of Believers That Jesus Saves.
"What Is Greenfaith Ministry. We are endorsed by Legislatures "federally and locally", Multiple Drs. around the world and many religious leaders of many religions. We are how you turn your faith and congregation green "cannabis healing friendly" Colorado. Charity. We are ALL natural, religious, healing and educating entities "through a licensed and registered church/charity" that is backed by the USA. It is ran by Rev. Brandon Baker and this is our blog. Here is a MMJ DISPOSAL company Ini consult with: cannabis university Colorado HERE are MMJ products Ini help make and please remember: Genesis - says the Almighty gives all green/seed bearing plants/herbs to use; Revelations lets us know Cannabis is the Healing of the people and Nations.
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