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Don't own a website? Discover how to stay safe online.

More traffic. More trust. More sales.

McAfee SECURE certification increases sales and conversions by reminding visitors that your site is part of the SECURE web from search to sale.

Traffic Trust Sales Repeat

It starts in search.

Your site will automatically be highlighted as SECURE in the Google, Yahoo and Bing search results of our 50 million McAfee® SiteAdvisor® software users.

Show you're one of the good guys.

The McAfee SECURE trustmark is a globally-recognized security symbol that eases visitor concerns, making them more likely to do business with your site.

There when it matters.

Our revenue-boosting engagement trustmark is designed to go on pages where visitors have the most security concerns—credit card forms, shopping carts, and registrations fields.

Do more repeat business.

McAfee SECURE Identity Protection gives your customers a free 90-day $100,000 identity theft coverage, making them feel safer shopping on your site, and more likely to buy from you again.

+6% More Sales
I'm a believer now. Whether you are a well known brand - and certainly if you're not so well known - McAfee SECURE service absolutely delivers.
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+11% More Sales
Customers want to feel safe, otherwise they won't follow through on their purchases and enter their credit card information.
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+12% More Sales
You're costing yourself sales by not doing it. You're driving customers to your competitors. Using the McAfee SECURE service is a no brainer.
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What You Get

Security MonitoringYour site is consistently monitored for malware, malicious links, phishing attacks and other things that can harm your site.
Search HighlightingThe McAfee SECURE trustmark will appear next to the search results of the over 50 million SiteAdvisor® software users, helping you stand out from the competition.
Trustmark SystemOur different types of specially designed trustmarks make your visitors feel safe everywhere on your site.
Consumer ToolsBe found by security-conscious netizens who look to our company directory to find sites they feel comfortable doing business with.
US Based SupportGet your questions answered and get free implementation advice from our certification experts.
30-Day Money Back GuaranteeIf you don't see the results you expected, just ask for your money back.
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Join the SECURE web.

Start displaying the trustmark to up to 500 visits per month, absolutely free. Or, choose the pro plan and access our full feature set. If you're not seeing the results you wanted, you can ask for you money back.