Want loyal customers?
Protect them from identity theft.

Included with McAfee SECURE Certification Pro.

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Give your customers $100,000 in identity theft protection when they buy from your store.

Our Identity Protection service helps increase customer loyalty and sales by offering visitors complimentary protection from their number one web concern. Best of all, it's included with McAfee SECURE Certification Pro.
Trust Sales Coverage Integrated

Build trust that lasts.

By displaying the Identity Protection trustmark, and by giving them $100,000 in protection, our service helps earn customer trust both before and after they buy.

Sell more to repeat customers.

When visitors see you're looking out for their identity, they're more likely to buy from your site. And even better, when they see you're covering them with our service, they're more likely to come back as repeat business.

Protect your customers.

Your customers are protected with $100,000 in coverage, for 90 days, when they buy from your site. The best part is, the service costs you and your customers the exact same thing — nothing.

It plays well with others.

McAfee SECURE Identity Protection is part of a broader system of security trustmarks that boost sales by building trust. Working together with our other products, Identity Protection is a powerful way to increase your revenue and strengthen your bottom line.

What You Get

Identity Protection TrustmarkLet your customers know you care about their security and identity before they buy from you.
Included with ProIdentity Protection is a service that's included with the McAfee SECURE Certification Pro service at no extra cost.
IntegrationYou can monitor your Identity Protection service in the same dashboard you're already using for Certification Pro.
SupportOur support team is there when you need it most — by phone, chat, or email.


What is Identity Protection?

Identity Protection helps your customers cover the costs associated with restoring their identity if they're the victim of identity theft. Even if your site already has security features like an SSL certificate and the McAfee SECURE certification, identity theft can still happen. Consumers know this, and want to be protected from this worst-case scenario.

With our Identity Protection service, your customers $100,000 in complimentary identity theft insurance for 90 days, and are covered regardless of where their identity was stolen.

What coverage do my customers get?

Your customers will receive up to $100,000 in identity theft insurance after activating their coverage. Click here to see a detailed explanation of benefits and exclusions.

What happens when a customer makes repeat purchases?

There is no limit to how many times a customer can receive the free 90-day identity theft protection, making them more likely to become repeat customers. If a customer makes a repeat purchase while they are covered, they can extend their coverage from the date of their most recent purchase. If a customer makes a repeat purchase after their coverage has lapsed, they can reactivate the 90-day service.

* Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement is available to residents of the Unites States, its territories and possessions, Puerto Rico and Canada, excluding MN, TX & NY. Terms and conditions apply. View Summary of Benefits for details.