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Become PCI Compliant

As a cloud-based solution, our scanning services help merchants quickly and easily attain PCI compliance.
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Start scanning in minutes

Our easy-to-use PCI service lets merchants set up in minutes and attain compliance as quickly as possible. And because we're cloud based, your scan is always up-to-date.

Secure your network

Our PCI scanning service walks you through the process stey-by-step, so you're up-to-date with the latest security requirements.

Eliminate security threats

We automate and simplify the remediation process, giving you vulnerability reports that are easy to understand, and remediation and patching instructions that are easy to follow.

Simple reporting

Once all issues are remediated, you can easily generate and submit your reports to us, your ASV, for approval. And once you've got that, it's easy to download your approved compliance reports for your records.

What You Get

Cloud-based scanningOur scan is completely external, so protecting your network won't slow down your site—or your business.
IntegrationYour PCI dashboard will seamlessly integrate into the same account that you use for your McAfee SECURE service—so everything security is in the same place.
Fit to your scheduleUnlimited scans to help you achieve compliance.
Easy-to-understand reportsWe'll help break down which vulnerabilities are affecting your domains or networks, how severe they are, and what you should do about them.
Support dynamic IPsIf your web host doesn't provide you with a static IP address, don't worry—our scan can use hostnames instead.
Business unit reportingIf your company has multiple business units, you can easily tag each one and generate separate reports in our user-friendly portal.
Approved Scanning VendorTrustedSite, operator of the McAfee SECURE service, is an approved scanning vendor (ASV).
US-based supportOur support team is there when you need it most—by phone, chat or email.


What is PCI Compliance?

PCI Compliance is a set of security standards that businesses must adhere to when accepting and processing credit card transactions. These standards protect sensitive information from being stolen by hackers.

Why does my business need to be PCI compliant?

All commercial banks require proof that a company is PCI compliant before processing credit card payments, online or offline.

Failure to have proof of being PCI compliant (called a certificate of attestation) will result in a fine per payment card transaction from your commercial bank.

How much does PCI compliance scanning cost?

PCI compliance scans are an add-on to our vulnerability scanning service.

Price per IP: $150 (this includes the $50 base scan and $100 PCI add-on)
Price per Web App: $350 (this includes the $50 base scan, $200 web app add-on, and the $100 PCI add-on)

We also offer bulk discounts. To learn more, contact or call (888) 418-7037