Protect customer data. Earn their trust.
Get more business.

Get an SSL certificate for just $69 a year for single domains, or $269 for wildcards.

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The security your business needs.

Our SSL certificate protects your visitor data, improves your search engine performance, and improves visitor retention — all in one great service.
Trust Security Search Integrated

Protect consumer data.

An SSL certificate encrypts any and all data that users send to your servers — and by displaying the globally-recognized green padlock in your URL bar, you'll be making your security visible for all to see.

Enterprise-grade security.

Our 2048-bit encryption is built to withstand the toughest of cyber attacks, and is trusted by businesses all around the globe

Do better in Google.

The algorithms that power search engines like Google favor sites with SSL certificates, giving them a better search rank.

Verification friendly.

Even if they're not on your site, your most security-concerned visitors will be able to see that you're protecting their data direct on your verification page for the McAfee SECURE certification.

What You Get

SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryptionWe offer the strongest encryption available, so hackers and bad guys won't intercept your customers' data.
IntegrationYour SSL dashboard will seamlessly integrate into the McAfee SECURE service that you're already using.
Improved search performanceSearch engines value security — and include it in their ranking algorithm.
Makes the URL greenYou'll have a powerful symbol of website security — the green lock and https right in your URL.
Compatible with all major browsersYou name it — Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer — we work with it.
US-based SupportOur support team is there when you need it most — by phone, chat, or email.


What types of SSL certificates do you offer?

We currently offer single domain SSL certificates and wildcard SSL certificates.

What's the difference between single domain and wildcard?

A single domain protects one domain (e.g. A wildcard SSL certificate offers protection for all subdomains within that primary domain (e.g.,, and You should get a wildcard SSL certificate if you have many subdomains.

How much does an SSL certificate cost?

A single domain SSL certificate costs $69 dollars for a year. A wildcard SSL certificate costs $269 dollars. If you're confused about the difference, please see the above question. We offer multi-year discounts for 2 and 3-year subscriptions.

Can I see some technical specs?

Sure. Our SSL certificates use SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption, which is considered the strongest on the market.