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About The Company
About Me Always With Me is a home that understands the pain and grief that comes with losing loved ones and belongings. Wouldnt it be great if you could get memorial items to keep your gone loved ones and properties in mind? That would be one of the most in-depth respect you can pay to them. Always With Me realizes how painful and saddening encountering losses could be, and we have carved out ways to help you secure memorial items for remembrance, as well pull yourself together in the case of loss and grief. Always With Me didnt just happen; it was established out of love, care and sympathy to those who lost their loved ones. Having lost my son, Jaxon to a very rare ailment, LBWC (Limb Body Wall Complex); I came to realize how uneasy it is to encounter loss or have your loved ones pass out. Ive come to understand that no one deserves to lose a close friend or any family member, but its bound to occur; we have developed this firm in memory of Jaxon and all that Ive been through,
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