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About The Company
AutoInformed Commentary on the Automobiles and Their Social Effects
While automobile use continues to thrive in this new century, the reigning companies and the executives who run them are amidst upheavals that parallel the revolutions of the 18th. Potentially there are similar consequences not only for automakers but also for owners of cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers, as well as the communities they live in. Restrictions on car use, car sharing, hybrids, EVs, CO2 emissions and global warming, hydrogen fuel, ethanol, Distracted Driving from a web enabled car all challenge the old ruling order and conventional wisdom. Add to this a web-enabled democratization of communications as establishment print and broadcast media fade, and the time is right for a broad dialogue about the evolution of personal mobility and the emerging issues surrounding it. Thus is AutoInformed a web-based information service that urges critical thinking about the political, social and economic consequences resulting from the complex business of automobiles, all th