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About The Company
Bunion Pain Relief
Looking for Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment in Australia? We have developed Bunion Sleeve that is ideal for active people and perfect for runners and walkers. Bunion Treatment Without Surgery Perfect For Mild to Moderate Bunions (Hallux Valgus) Protects The Bunion Sleeve creates a barrier between your bunion and your shoe. The ultra thin bunion corrector is only 0.4mm thin, making it easy and comfortable to wear in any shoe during periods of rest or intense activity. Straightens The bunion corrector gently repositions your big toe back to a more natural alignment helping to improve balance and gait. Bunion Sleeve for running, walking and people who like to stay active. Rehabilitates This bunion treatment without surgery works by separating your toes, slowly releasing built up tension and relieving soreness. If you are looking for an alternative to invasive surgery or rigid splints, then this is the best bunion sleeve for you.
271 High Street
Berkhamsted, Hertfordhshire HP4 1AA
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