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About The Company
Denali Gardens
Our Northwest organic, cruelty-free soil blend will help homemakers or consumers who want to support local businesses and have healthy families by reducing or eliminating their exposure to pesticides and possible animal diseases. As added value, our blend will also keep productivity with an adjusted pH soil during the rainy seasons. Rachel has worked with local experts to create a mix fit for the region. It is premium quality with proprietary premium ingredients that will guarantee 99.9% a successful gardening season. The business talent of Clark County has rallied around this start-up. It leads to promises of jobs, training opportunities in areas where those are lacking, and will eventually bring three NEW high-end niche consumer products to the markets never seen in the U.S.; literally turning zero dollars into fancy dollars. Denali Gardens offers premium soil products today but will be the next innovative vocational training center for people with special needs tomorrow.
605 Beech St
Vancouver, WA 98661
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