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The Story of Father
Do you really know who your father is if I asked you right now what would you have said, let me tell you, Habeeb you might not be familiar with this name so let me tell you some of his other names like Hitler, Atlas, Hercules, or Odin? Do you recognize these name, if not then kill yourself. If you do then you know that all of these are historical figures and are from different times but you might ask, how can this be? when the time comes all will be revealed. I will now reveal to you the story of father brace yourself, it started with the creation of the first Humans Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve started reproducing and got there first children Cain and his sister whomst name is unknown. After their first 2 children, they continued to have intercourse and got there the second pair of children Able and his sister whomst name is also unknown. After the first 4 children, God told Adam that his next son will have the responsibility of being the father of all the children. after they had heard