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HemoGAD Technologies Limited
At HemoGAD we are committed to providing information about Genetic Hemochromotosis (GH) - also referred to as Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH) - and researching ways to improve your health outcome as a Hemochromatosis sufferer. Hemochromatosis is a hereditary genetic condition characterised by iron overload which, untreated, causes irreversible organ damage and results in chronic conditions including cirrhosis, diabetes type 2, heart arrhythmia and arthritis. HH has also been linked to Alzheimers (Florey Institute in Melbourne and the CSIRO), due to elevated levels of iron in the brain. Diagnosis often comes after a patient has developed one, or more, of these conditions, by which time a negative impact on quality of life has already occurred. The delay is due to clinical diagnosis requiring a full blood count confirmed by genetic screening; this is expensive and time consuming for an overstretched and under-funded NHS. HH (iron overload) is the most common genetic disorder amon
105 Constable Road
Corby, NN18 0RT
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