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About The Company
Latam Fiserv SA is a company engaged in financial management and services business. Latam Fiserv provides management services to other international businesses including human resources, finance and accounting, payment processing, etc. Latam Fiserv has international partnerships through joint ventures (JVs) that invests funds in real estate projects, commodities trading, purchasing bank instruments for resale or lease, Medium Term Notes (MTNs), and various Private Placement Programs (PPPs). Latam Fiserv provides portfolio management services to its JV partners to maximize the return of the JV, which includes monitoring and feedback to partners on status of JV projects, advice and suggestions for benefit of the partners, and access to account activity. Latam Fiserv has a proven network throughout the Americas that provide multiple investment opportunities with high upside growth potential. We give our partners access to real-time data related to their investment interests so that the
150 mts Norte del Colegio de Naranjo Alajuela, Cos
Alajuela, Alajuela 20601
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