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Verified 2019-02-19
This site has earned the McAfee SECURE certification.
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No Malware or Malicious Links
We didn't find any harmful software on this site. You should be safe clicking links and downloading files.
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This site isn't trying to steal your identity. You should be safe if you give them your personal sensitive information.
About The Company
Lucky Fragrance
Lucky Fragrance is a family-run business, whole-heartedly dedicated to ensuring the worlds best designer perfumes and colognes; brought to you at great prices to ensure family friendly budget solutions. It is our duty to provide the utmost quality to both internal and external customers within our organization, satisfying the needs of our suppliers, shipping experts and our customers, we gaurentee that we will not knowingly ship or receive defective products, any defection will be rectified in a timely manner, if the product is out of stock the the customer may request a refund or can wait until the product returns to stock. We believe that the best customer-provider relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. We will gladly do price-matching to be sure that you are not overcharged at any point.
418 Myrtle street
Saint Peter, MN 56082
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