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About The Company
Online Casino, Online Gaming and Esports Journalist
Online casino, video games journalist and freelance marketing content writer. I write content for the video games, online casino and esports industries. I studied Journalism and Digital Comms at USC from 2005 until 2010. I review of all sorts of casino games such as online slots and blackjack, online casino news like progressive jackpot wins and slot tournaments, casino reviews, online gaming and esports news and reviews, industry events, igaming events. I also offer content services aimed at the same industries, video game walk throughs, online casino game guides and other related content. Love online gaming, video game wise im pretty much into FPS games, MOBA's, RTS, RPG's and MMO-RPG's, certain sports sims, DTCG and browser games. I have a passion for computer hardware and gaming tech both old and new. I really enjoy retro games such as pinball, arcade games, video poker and other coin op games like classic slot machines. My latest like is virtual reality games.
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San Diego, CA 92121
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