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About The Company
Rizal Palawan
Welcome to Rizal! The last frontier of Palawan, the country's last ecological frontier. Though the Municipality is one of the least known among the countless destination in the province, it boasts of truly unforgettable sights. Originally, the Municipality of Dr. J.P. Rizal is a Barangay under the administrative jurisdiction of the Municipality of Quezon. Commonly known as Tarumpitao Point (used to be a US Coast Guard base LORAN Station after the 2nd World War) it became a municipality when Batas Pambansa No. 386 was passed into law creating Marcos Town on April 14, 1983. It was renamed to Dr. Jose P. Rizal, to give tribute to our national hero, by virtue of Republic Act No. 6652 dated July 27, 1987 which lapses into law and become effective on April 17, 1988. Rizal is now a first Class municipality.
Municipal Office
Rizal, Palawan 5304
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