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About The Company
Snazzy World
There is an interwoven tapestry and maze of art. A vein of eternity in it's fullest expression, in all its whimsy and kaleidoscope forms, in good times, happy times, in fashion, health and fitness, in adventure and travel wanderlust. The love of beauty, natural and man made, the genius of gadgetry, and the pureness of an intellectual geeky thought have all come together to unite as a force, nope better yet a movement. A celebration of being. Appreciate who you are and all those you love with fervor and expression. In every beam from your eyes, in every touch or caress, in every word, even unspoken and even in your own very personal style, make a precious and indelible stamp on our world. It would be our honor, purpose and privilege to aid you in your journey as you color stamp your very own Snazzy World.
POB 350764
MIAMI, FL 33135-0764
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