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About The Company
The Divine Femme
We offer a wide range of Goddess inspired boho chic, high vibrating crystal jewelry and intentional lifestyle items infused with healing power and positivity. We unite crystals, consciousness and high fashion & reflect power and beauty in all that we do. Everything at The Divine Femme has energy and a purpose, and our goal is to help you express your unique style, vibrate high and manifest your dreams. All of our goods are hand-crafted or upcycled by creative artists from around the world with limited edition pieces by resident Divine Femme, jewelry designer, and curator Farrah Michelle. Drawing inspiration from spiritual traditions from around the world designer Farrah Michelle has garnered a following of spiritual seekers and Goddess power style mavens attracted to the relaxed glamour and the healing power of her crystal collections. Whether youre a beginner or a pro on your spiritual journey... Welcome Home. Living life without limits has never looked so good!
4123 Cedar Springs Road #4518
Dallas, TX 75219
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