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About The Company
The Healing Center 786, Durban
The Healing Center 786 Durban is an alternative and complementary healing practice founded by Reiki Master and Lifecoach R.V. Carvalho, offering healing and counseling services including life coaching, intuitive counseling, reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, light work, healing products, healing products, oils and incense as well as energetic massage to an international and local clientelle in a caring and uplifting environment. Motivational and Personal Development workshops and talks as well as meditation sessions are available and group bookings can be secured for these. Speciality treatments include Vogel Therapy and Energy Massage using personalised blends of oils crafted for their energetic, metaphysical and aroma-therapeutic properties. Distance healing and life-coaching programmes also available. Alternative and Complementary healing practices are not intended to replace medical assistance but rather to assist and complement their function. By appointment only.
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