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About The Company
C-Byte, established in 1989, has acquired several entertainment marketplaces including Vegas.EU.COM (Europe, 2015), Vegas.International (USA, 2015), Vegas.Sex (USA, 2014, innovative slot machine art gallery), Vegas.Porn (USA, 2014), Vegas.Adult (USA, 2014), Vegas.HipHop (USA, 2014), Vegas.Black (USA, 2014), Vegas.Care (USA, 2014), Vegas.Trade (USA, 2014), Vegas.Systems (USA, 2014), Vegas.Support (USA, 2014), Vegas.Solutions (USA, 2014, innovative Celebrity and Casino-Hotel operator leveraged licensing), Vegas.Management (USA, 2014), Vegas.US.ORG (USA, 2014), Vegas.UK.COM (United Kingdom, 2013), Vegas.XXX (founded in 2011, USA based innovation for an international Casino-Hotel marketplace), Vegas.AR.COM (Argentina, 2011), Vegas.GB.COM (Great Britain, 2010), and Vegas.IM (founded by Trevor Biscope in 2009, Isle of Man, one of the early pioneers in online entertainment ). Vegas, C-Byte are a trademarks of Trevor Biscope.
11035 Lavender Hill Dr 160-348
Las Vegas, NV 89135
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