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About The Company
we rescue offers motorcyclists new solutions to optimize accident reporting without interfering with the riding experience, nor the rider's privacy. our mission is to redefine the emergency rescue process in the immediate aftermath of an accident. in a serious accident, every second counts. and most of the time, victims are not in condition to report the accident themselves. this is why an emergency signal should be ready to emit the moment an accident occurs, regardless. this is what our company strives for: optimizing response-time from rescue services to hopefully prevent a death or further harms. Back in 2012 I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I swerved off the highway and crashed into the road rail leaving my bike pinned underneath. Luckily I only ended up with a few scrapes and bruises, my bike however, was ruined beyond repair, Two other riders found me about 10 minutes later, if these friends were not out with me that day it could have taken much longer to be found.
639 S. Glenwood PL
Burbank, CA 91506
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