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Online Coral Calcium - 1-877-330-1120 | Authorized Barefoot Coral Calcium Distributor
Online Coral Calcium, Inc. was started and went online in 1999. That year, I, Robert Smutek, owner of Online Coral Calcium, Inc. was introduced to Bob Barefoot by way of a good friend Joseph Weger. Like me, Joseph has a passion for health and well-being. While researching products to help the body defend itself against degenerative disease, Joseph came across Bob Barefoot and The Calcium Factor. Joseph located Bob Barefoot at his residence, where he called him on the phone. Then, he called me, and I was introduced to Bob. During our conversation, I explained that I had recently lost my mother, who at the age of 50, died of cancer. This fueled my passion to find a way to improve my own health and quality of living. Bob SmutekI had been involved in weight-lifting and martial arts since I was very young. In addition, I spent a good part of my adult life as a police officer; teaching police defensive tactics and placing a lot of physical stress on my body. As a result, by the a

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Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591





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