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Monitor and protect your perimeter.

Our comprehensive web app and vulnerability scanning is intuitive and user-friendly, helping you protect what matters so your business can get on with what it does best.

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Take care of what matters with world-class vulnerability scanning.

We look at your perimeter the same way hackers do—from the cloud. Our automated discovery constantly monitors your network for changes, and lets you know when you've left yourself vulnerable.

In a clear, actionable dashboard, we'll show you where you have open ports, which of your sites are vulnerable, and exactly what vulnerabilities might be exploited by hackers.

We'll provide you critical information on any vulnerabilities that our Qualys-powered scan detects, such as the code used to exploit your network, what it targeted, and most importantly, how to resolve the problem.

I had totally underestimated the benefit of the McAfee SECURE service to help us protect our servers. Daily scanning definitely gives us a lot more peace of mind... Now we know our customers are indeed safe, not just feeling safe."

Joel Holland, CEO, VideoBlocks

What You Get


What's the difference between PCI and vulnerability scanning?

As an Approved Scanning Vendor, we offer PCI compliance scans as an optional add on to our vulnerability scanning service. This add-on can be purchased when adding a new vulnerability scanning target or at a later point as needed.

PCI scans serve a very specific purpose: They're meant to keep you PCI compliant. PCI standards provide the framework for organizations to ensure that credit card information is kept safe from hackers and breaches. With the PCI add-on, you can generate PCI compliance reports for any scanning target that is in PCI scope. Once your reports are approved, you can submit them to your merchant bank to show that you meet PCI compliance requirements.

Vulnerability scans, on the other hand, are used by website owners to proactively address any security issues that websites may have. These scans help you identify parts of your website that are easily exploited by hackers. Please note that vulnerability scans without the PCI add-on can't be used for PCI compliance purposes.

Learn more about PCI Compliance

Will the scan negatively impact my network?

Our system performs external scans, so there is no penetration of the actual network and no software updates required.

How long does scanning take? How often can I run scans?

The length of a scan will vary based on bandwidth, type of target, and network latency. On average, scans take around 4-6 hours. You can schedule scans to run daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or you can run unlimited on-demand scans. Scheduled scans run on US Pacific Time.

Will my site slow down during scans?

The page load of our scan is about equivalent to having 1-2 extra visitors on the site.

How does the scanner work? (How are vulnerabilities found?)

Our scanner tests targets for over 50,000 listed vulnerabilities.

How are vulnerabilities ranked?

Each vulnerability is ranked from 1-5. Ranks 1 and 2 are usually old code while ranks 3-5 are SQL injections.

How do I fix vulnerabilities?

We offer you comprehensive information from the national vulnerability database on how to repair each vulnerability.

How do I deal with false positives?

If you detect a false positive, it can easily be hidden to not show up on the scan report.

What scanning services are offered?

We offer both IP scanning which covers network and port scans, as well as website scanning which covers web app scans. Additionally, we offer PCI compliance scans. You can learn more about PCI here.

How much does it cost?

Bundles start at $995 per year. Get started today »