We help safe websites sell more.

SECURE. From search to sale.
Our service eases your website visitors' security concerns by reminding them that your site is part of the SECURE web. By integrating into every stage of the buying experience, our security certification keeps your visitors doubt free—from the moment your site pops up in search results all the way to the shopping cart. That's what being part of the SECURE web is all about.

More trust. More sales.
Trust is crucial to your ecommerce business. By joining the SECURE web, people will know your site is certified by one of the world's leading security technology providers.

With you every step of the way.

It starts in search.
We let our 35 million McAfee® SiteAdvisor® software users know that you're safe by highlighting your site in search results.

SECURE on every page.
When visitors are on your site, they'll see the certification trustmark - a constant reminder that you're part of the SECURE web.

And where it counts most.
People need the most reassurance when they buy, signup, or download - which is exactly what our engagement trustmark provides.

"I didn't think a security certification would make a difference... [but] the sales increase attributed to showing the certification mark was 6.42%. We project an annual ROI of just shy of 2400%."

Jason Marrone, Ecommerce Marketing Manager

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Get Started. Free Forever.
Our service is specifically engineered to deliver more engagement, more downloads, more registrations, and more conversions. The best part? It's free and it always will be.

And if you ever want to upgrade, you should know that many of our Pro sites see a sales increase of more than 10% after implementing the service.1

1 Sales increases as measured by A/B testing comparing sales when the McAfee SECURE trustmark was and was not displayed. Testing occured between 2008-2014. Results may vary.