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Eliminate concerns that lead to shopping cart abandonment with the McAfee SECURE trustmark.

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Security concerns cost you money.

Nearly 1 in 5 carts are abandoned because customers don't know if they can trust a business.1

  • 61%
    of consumers have not purchased something online because trustmarks were missing.2
  • 76%
    of people have decided not to purchase something online because they didn't recognize the trustmark.2

Smart marketers trust the McAfee SECURE certification to ease those concerns.

The McAfee SECURE certification allies your business to one of the one of the leading cybersecurity brands—helping decrease abandonment and bounces, and increasing sales.

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The McAfee SECURE certification includes all the features you need to market your security and build visitor trust.

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1 According to Baymard Institute on January 9, 2017
2 According to Actual Insights in August, 2011