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Thornhill Acting Studio is operated by Christopher Healy, a family man who lives in Toronto and has accumulated a wealth of seasoned experience, wisdom and knowledge over 40 years in the entertainment industry; and for the past eighteen years as acting / leadership coach to kids, teenagers and adults. Christopher has built and demonstrated a professional code of excellence as Artistic Director / principle acting teacher with the Toronto Academy of Acting since 1997 until 2010. Christopher is a serial entrepreneur with three games under development for iPad and Android. He is author of the "Actors Success in the Making" about acting in the business of show-business and personal branding. He is a co-author of "Life Lessons From An Acting Class" and author of his personal success book titled, Whats So Special About You learning about the 77 success qualities from the world's most successful people.
Action Acting Seminars w/Mark DeAlessandro Veteran Hollywood Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator, Director, Actor. MARK HAS BEEN IN OVER 140 FEATURE FILMS INCLUDING: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3, THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 1, 2, 3. STUNT DOUBLE FOR MANY LEAD ACTORS INCLUDING SYLVESTER STALLONE, BEING FEATURED IN 30 OF HIS FILMS. MARK IS A WELL ESTABLISHED CHARACTER AND ACTOR FOR OVER 28 YEARS. These seminars will help actors of all ages understand the principals of getting into the film industry and what to expect. Mark will cover how to get an agent, join The Screen Actors Guild, How to approach a casting call and will help Character Actors/Stunt Performers Learn how to develop dialogue for the camera! He will also go over the art of Stunt Performing. Every Actor needs Action Training and every Stunt Performer needs Acting skills and Techniques. Mark will teach from beginners to Advanced levels. All attendees will have a chance to perform on camera and
Singer, Performer, & More
Get all the Latest News From Actress/ Producer Cherrae L. Stuart
Join MeLia0743 as she keeps the crew of the BMSS Antioch informed of All Ship-wide Events, Bannerflex Corporate Changes, and HR Approved Announcements!
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Nicholas McBride website - for all things Nicholas McBride.
About Novaa's Store > About We at Novaa believe the customer is the Star. The women who wear our styles and shop our services are adventurous, inspirational and elegant. Shopping at Novaa is for someone who wants to look amazing while being comfortable, being able to dance in style, learning more and improving their skills while enjoying the life they have. We strive to provide awesome services, unbeatable prices and the hottest trends. Our company is based in the heart of Downtown Hartford, CT and Toronto,CA. We plan to have a building location that will require in person services such as dance classes, popup shops and workshops but for now you can enjoy all our services online from eBooks, digital teachings, clothing, tickets to events plus more. In the future we plan to host events and dance classes but our clothing store will remain online. We are always on the lookout for new recruits to our team; we will always provide the newest and most daring styles with high quali
Internet self-improvement for the modern actor. Websites, reels, and self-tapes.
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