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We're a seed company dedicated to permaculture, self-reliance, and preserving genetic diversity.
Daily Lawn Care services will maintain and repair your existing lawn or turf. With a Daily cared for lawn, youll be the envy of the whole street! Using our unique 6-in-1 liquid lawn treatment, tailored especially for your lawn, the Daily Lawn Care Program provides you with a healthy, weed and grub free lawn all year round. Our service is easy, safe and convenient.
PBA E.I.R.L, es una empresa peruana fundada el 2007, en la ciudad de Lima, con una solida experiencia en la produccin de microorganismos benficos para contra restar los problemas fitosanitarios de la agricultura y pensando en la accesibilidad de los agricultores, para obtener cosechas ms sanas, con mayor rendimiento y sin contaminar el medio ambiente.
Terra Char is a new biochar industry. We constantly expand our knowledge, and work with new companies & products to explore biochar's rapidly expanding number of benefits, including those related to soil, crops, livestock, water, and climate. Our long term goal is to use biomass pyrolysis to produce heat, biofuel & power, as well as biochar, to make small businesses & communities self-sustaining. We look forward to working with others to preserve our soil, produce renewable energy, and make a better world for future generations.
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