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Live Inspection Data System (LIDS) is a web app to manage and track asset data for industrial facilities that manufacture or store hazardous materials. Information being managed is to satisfy OSHA and EPA requirements for on-going mechanical integrity programs.
Lift-Off Pipe Supports is a Lake Charles, Louisiana based company specializing in the pipe support corrosion mitigation industry. We design, manufacture our patented solutions primary for the piping process industry. We also cater for all other allied industries where pipe support corrosion and isolation is a concern.
Electronic and technology consulting services for the oil and gas exploration industry. International OEM manufacturing, procurement, logistics, and supply chain. If you need an End-of-Life product, call us and we'll source it directly from the original manufacturer. We represent numerous manufacturers in China and India, which allow us to bring low-cost, high-quality solutions to our customers around the globe. Simply tell us what the need is, and we'll obtain the products for you at a low cost with a minimum of a 1-year warranty on all products! Give us a call today to discuss how we can help reduce cost and lead-time to your operations more efficient. Our client list spans many international Oil and Gas E&P companies along with R&D and manufacturing firms in the US and abroad.
OIL AND GAS OFFSHORE / ONSHORE MAINTENANCE We have the knowledge, experience and the top resources to support our clients in the Oil & Gas industry. Mitas Oil and Gas has extensive experience in providing service to onshore and offshore receiving and processing facilities. We are a leading specialist in the project management, engineering and maintenance of offshore / onshore oil and gas projects.
Multi-Pipeline Natural Gas Nominations Dashboard". We turn gas scheduling into a competitive advantage instead of a cost center. We also offer APIs and Webhooks to connect seamlessly with your in-house ETRM system. In short, we take the pain out of Nominations. is a completely dynamic, very simple but strong investment platform. You can start your own profitable investment in just minutes. its an online investment system where you can deposit spend, and withdraw money.
Gas and Energy Consultants
CNC Machine Shop that specializes in prototype and short production runs. We have full compliment of CAD & CAM services to work closely with our customer engineering departments to make sure it is done right the first time. Machines include CNC Lathes, CNC Mills, CNC Machining Centers & EDM.
Redhawk Investment Group provides high yield alternative and direct investments in oil and gas, real estate and finance assets. With beneficial tax deductions and high returns, Redhawk Investment Group is the best company to invest in oil and gas.
SisTraMweb: Sistema para el registro de Transacciones Masivas via Web. Portal para el Registro Masivo de Transacciones de compra-venta, los despachos y recepciones de sus inventarios entre instalaciones permisionadas, asi como los precios y ventas a usuarios finales, en su caso. Permisionarios en materia de gas licuado de petroleo: 1. Distribucion mediante planta de distribucion 2. Distribucion mediante auto-tanque 3. Distribucion por medio de ducto 4. Expendio al publico mediante estacion de servicio con Fin Especifico 5. Expendio al publico mediante bodegas de expendio 6. Expendio mediante estacion de Servicio para autoconsumo 7. Almacenamiento 8. Comercializacion 9. Transporte por ductos 10. Transporte por medios distintos a ductos (NO APLICA)
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