Find SECURE Sites makes the processes of buying a home, refinancing a mortgage, or accessing home equity as transparent and user-friendly as possible! Our site has been designed from the ground up to educate, advise, and guide homebuyers on getting the best-possible service to suit their mortgage needs. Our home loan experts are standing by to ensure that every potential borrower has access to our entire wealth of knowledge on all things home loans, as well as a direct route to the lenders and rates that best fit their needs. Welcome to the stress-free future of home finance welcome to!
Living Naturally on a Budget will discuss how to cut costs while figuring out what your budget should be. Budgeting will be relevant to grocery shopping, cooking, baking, as well as how to pay off debt. All while starting your very own home-based business.
Debt services and solutions for United States residents. For good credit, decent credit, and bad credit applicants. We provide tools such as our APR Estimator, our nationwide bad credit network for debt consolidation loans only, and our directory debt service providers for all USA States.
Teaching people to trade better.
I can show you how to make a living at trading the financial markets on your own with little cost to you.
Personal Financial Planning Education
Silver Shield Capital offers Logistics Debt Collections, Freight Debt Collections, Trucking Debt Collections, Transport Debt Collections. We specialize in tracking down BAD brokers that have tried to fall off the map. We will work tirelessly on your case until every penny owed to you is given back.
Learn to trade Forex, Crypto currencies, beginner trading program, advanced & expert pro day trading level. register get your free first course / lesson.
The 2018 Fintech Symposium is a conference that will bring together finance, banking and technology professionals to discuss the practical uses of advance technologies in the finance industry.
Most financial companies focus on investment over debt, but median US debt ($131K) dwarfs savings ($33K) and hammers users with high interest rates. Americans hold $4 trillion in debt just between credit cards, fresh mortgages and car loans. An extra payment of $50/month can save 150-200x the balance by retirement age, but how to see its long-term impact and where to put it? Banks know where; users dont. Seeking instant gratification, they lack debt strategy and access to financial advocates. UNADAT is an AI-based personalized consumer debt cost minimization platform that finds hidden money in loans. Unadat algorithms empowers people to see their decisions through a lens of net present value (UnaWorth <TM>). Unadat treats debt as a personal investment, arming users with a banks financial foresight. Our average users can save (earn) $10K in 5 years by applying small extra payments to inflection points in the amortization schedules of their mortgages and credit line balances.
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