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En 1974 Jos Mara Cofio Valladares adquiri la licencia de McDonalds para Guatemala y sent las bases de una organizacin tica, justa y honesta. En ese ao, se abrieron las puertas del primer restaurante McDonalds en el pas, ubicado en la zona 1 de la ciudad capital.
Milkio's Traditional Ghee Promotes memory, intellect, digestion, semen, ojas Ghee is a SuperFood, Reduces obesity, toxic conditions, insanity, stomach upset, and fever, Its a friendly natural product: lactose intolerants can have it without any uncertainty.
Founded in 1980, Sanchelima International Inc. is focused and committed to provide the ideal technical solution for processors in the food and dairy industries. The optimal solution is the one developed in conjunction with our customers to satisfy their specific needs. Our proposal is composed of our patented systems, our manufacturing capabilities, and the support of a selected group of highly specialized manufacturers from around the world. Their expertise, our assembly facility and our dairy industry know-how combined, gives us the ability to produce the right solutions in the form of an individual machine, a preassembled module composed of a group of machines for a specific purpose, or a complete plant composed of a group of modules.
Your #1 service, parts, and supplies vendor for analytical instruments.
Bangladesh Marginal Dairy & Fattening Farmer's Society (BMDFS)
Community of cheese lovers in the Philippines
Hansells Yoghurt UK Homepage
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