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Over the years, Enaq struck upon a prata recipe which made Pratas crispy and unique. In 2008 the first Enaq Restaurant and Catering Service was set up at Block 303 Jurong East St 32, Unit # 01-96 to sell their unique crispy pratas along with their uniquely tasting local dishes. Very quickly their pratas and local dishes became famous was recommended by Trip Advisor, and rated as one of the best by few local food blogs. People from all parts of Singapore started to flock to the restaurant as the unique recipe made the pratas crispy and was the only place which sold it with a freshly made unique sambal sauce. In mid-January 2017, Enaq opened a new branch at 21 Ghim Moh Road, Unit #01-213 to give Singaporeans another location to go and satisfy their cravings for Enaq prata.
100% Halal Food Restaurant, offering Pizza, Wings, Burger, Taco, Menudo, Quesadilla, Soup, Kabsa, Mandi, Kharoof, Kabob, Tikka, Kabob Roll. American, Asian, African and Arab food. We deliver our food, also available through,,
A VIP Hookah catering service based in Plano, TX. Houloo is ready to service your events; Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, and clubs. Our hookahs are from high-end KM, Lavoo, Starbuzz, and Appletop hookah companies and we use the best Tobacco (Traditional or Herbal) available in the market. We hope to serve your needs and be a part of your next event.
Vegan, Mediterranean Halal Food, We Cater to any Event, Our Menu can fit any Budget, BEST & Healthiest Falafel and Halal Chicken Shawarma in Houston
Official Sisson Ave Pizza And Wings Website, Order delivery or pickup online from us in Hartford and West Hartford instantly! View deals, coupons & menus.
The Joburger is an independent fast food delivery service based in Rotherhithe, South East London. All food is prepared personally by fast food genius ShoobsA born and bred Joburger, who wanted to bring the taste of the Johannesburg fast food he grew up with to London. Unlike the regular kebab and chicken shops, The Joburgers sandwiches, subs and burgers are made with quality ingredients and feature a unique and delicious taste delivered through a blend of spices and sauces topped with our signature chips! We really, really love chips!!! Dont be under illusions, our food is not the type of stuff fitness fanatics will be looking forour food is deep fried, carb loaded, indulgent deliciousness! Spoil yourself and partake on your cheat day or because you know life is too short. We live by the wordsif you love it, then you put chips on it!
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