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Agencia digital de Miami Beach especialista en campaas digitales, creatividad, social media, estrategias de marketing y community management.
Clamor, Inc. is a premium digital marketing agency specializing in small business marketing and non-profit community management.
We are a strategic marketing communication agency that navigates startups through the connected world of marketing. Collaboratively we THINK about your needs and HATCH a plan that we implement to propel your business forward. In our connected world, we believe social media marketing is the essential piece of your integrated marketing strategy. No matter the channel (print, online and live events) we will effectively plan and communicate your message to your desired audience.
A 10 anos desenvolvendo sites e lojas virtuais prontas para os dispositivos mobile. Marketing Digital de alta performance, buscando resultados reais para sua empresa.
UndiscoveredWanderings is your guide to unconventional and offbeat travel destinations. Forget the tourist is short, so why not go off the beaten path? Make the most of your trip and have your friends WANT to watch your vacation slideshows! UndiscoveredWanderings also offers flexible, affordable advertising and marketing packages. We work with tourism-based businesses, chambers of commerce, and tourism bureaus to craft custom advertisements and travel marketing plans designed to engage family tourists, curious explorers, and adventure seekers alike. We'll work with you, for you.
Instead of being like most "consultants" who try and figure out how to maximize their profit, we focus on maximizing the value to our clients. By focusing on our client's needs and providing the maximum amount of value, we can help take our clients' business from where they are to where they could only dream of going.
Marketo Advocate - Marketing Nation Member/Participant Marketing specialist with digital marketing and branding experience from over 5 companies. I am a strong team player, a value which garnered my team an Addy Award in 2016 and nomination into the finals for the 2016 VMA in San Francisco. I have drawn my early experiences in Italy working in Human Resources at the US Embassy of Rome, as a Marketing Specialist at Cantina di Mafioscone and coordinating all social media for the Osservatorio AIDS. These diverse companies prepared me for the international stage, as I currently work between Malta and Miami, in the US. I enjoy digital marketing and branding and use this skill in leading the continuous organizational brand direction, design, production and distribution. Here is some of my teams work the Addy Award winning Hawks Cay Resort website I am versatile too and display this by also acting as a digital marketing analyst and strategist for Diaz & Cooper Advertising in Mia
At ClickCode Media we create videos that people talk about, share with their friends and bookmark to watch over and over. We're masters of animated video presentations that can be used to launch your business, new product or service. We take care of the Script, the voice-over, the sound, the animation and the ideas. (With your input, of course.) When we're done, you'll have a killer video that leaves a lasting impression and generates tons of results. Click Code Media markets your videos too, using quality SEO to make sure it ranks highly on search engines. Including Google!
OMI (pronounced Oh-me) is a marketing and investment firm that specializes in business startups. Their mission is to improve the economies of target countries. They do this by sharing knowledge and skills to assist entrepreneurs. OMI Firm builds businesses in two ways: servicing and equity investing. The company services businesses by developing and executing marketing strategies. This generates shorter-term income for both their clients and their selves. Then, they reinvest a percentage of their revenue into buying shares of companies. Many of the companies they buy into are their own clients. This establishes long-term relationships with clients. As their businesses grow, OMI Firm grows with them.
Its no lie, we are a small grassroots agency and we believe our size is our advantage! While we dont have the headcount of larger agencies, we do have the contacts, resources and experience to match. Our size creates a low-cost solution for your marketing needs without sacrificing any of the quality. We are nimble and can navigate the industry quickly striking on opportunities as they arise. This is what we love to do, everything from the design to the consumer reaction to our work creates a truly gratifying feeling.
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