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MirCod Technology enables developers to connect various sensors without complex integration and unnecessary time waste for electronics integration, code writing, visualization and core hardware development. We emphasize the analytical features of our open source platform and revolutionizing the digital healthcare industry. Mircod team believes that today's remote monitoring technology isn't sufficiently advanced to predict a potential adverse event and alert a monitoring provider before disaster strikes. Our mission is to enhance these technologies and bring to the market ease of use remote monitoring technology platform that enables continuous, configurable, wireless acquiring of biometric parameters from the human body. (Wherefore platform is not limited only to healthcare!)
Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
Programs, music, art and games all in one place! Revisit the site once in a while to check out what's new, download the Minin Hub application to view our products faster and easier.
My landing page where I display my open-source code and data science projects
Onsite Global Service Smart Service offers various onsite printer repair options and response times for onsite support, time and materials repair and custom programs so you can select onsite printer repair and maintenance plans that supports your business objectives.
3D Printer GRBL CNC Motion Controller Hardware Firmware Software and Electronics Mechanics Kits
RisNetwork. Social network for free expression, communication and business. Web portal. Premium CMS themes and plugins for FREE! Secure, direct download links, easy search and navigation! All themes and plugins provided on our web portal can be downloaded for free! Digital Design Studio. We always develop and create websites that provide the most beneficial quality. Your brand and products, as well as, help visitors trust your business.
Hi, Guys !!! I am Saurabh Pande, Fun time blogger & entrepreneur. I graduated from Centre Point College Nagpur and back in 2011 started my digital career as a Mercenary errr!!! A freelancer!!!! Since then I have worked for multiple companies as an SEO Consultant & Digital Marketing Specialist. I am Director-Marketing at Vaibhav Body Builders and Fabricators Pvt. Ltd Nagpur which is among top manufacturing & fabrication companies in central India. I am going to share some amazing digital experiences, data, facts & other cool stuff here. Read on ...
SBITH is for Small Business IT help, especialised in providing opensource solutions to small and medium sized businesses all arround in Australia. It's not expensive as you think
Blog by the creator of Specially crafted for engineers and people who care about the democracy.
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