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Online shopping, Educational products, and everything needed to train your mindset in the right way.
At OMNI GENEius "We are creative innovators and solution-finders at heart and mind with a great passion for philanthropy and developing younger generations".OMNI GENEius is dedicated to helping bring out the innate passion for learning, intelligence and fun thats in everyones genes. We create unique and innovative products that improve IQ levels, for both children and adults. We offer energetic, challenging and innovative products which optimize learning via play, motivation and positive affirmations. We have something for most age groups, Kids to Grown-ups - with tonnes of Joy, Knowledge and Simplicity packed in it. Products Category Tags: Educational games for kids. Educational board games. Board games for kids. Fun family board games. Creative board games. Creative games for kids. Mobile Apps. Wooden Block Toys. Memory Games. Shapes Puzzle. Creative games. Creative Toys. Creative games for kids. Creative board games. Family board games. Strategic board games.
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Fidget toys can also provide a fun way to strengthen hands and "warm-up" fingers before handwriting activities and fine motor skill tasks. Sensory balls are a favorite OT sensory diet tool, make a fun gift, and are one of many fidget toys that can help relieve stress!
Quality card sleeves for e.g. Dominion and Thunderstone.
Home of Fine Puzzles, Games, Toys, and Crafts
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