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CR Cursos de Reiki e Terapias um projeto que visa qualificar e ajudar as pessoas interessadas em Reiki e Outras Terapias. Promovemos Curso de Reiki Online e Terapias Holsticas. Durante esses ltimos 17 anos formamos Uma Equipe Qualificada e Estudiosa.
Music for relaxation, meditation and concentration.
Welcome to Infinite Harmony. We offer aromatherapy, holistic massage, hatha yoga, workshops and pamper parties. Come on inside to find out more....
Design your personal sanctuary for JOY,throughwellness, meditation, self-care and biophilic design; all in the comfort of your home. Meditation store, zen decor, art, yoga, aromatherapy, tea, serenity, calm, breathing, relaxation, spa, zen audio, ohm, incense, diffuser, nature, nature-design, natural, biophilic desig
Terapia y lectura de mandalas
The Black Dragon Meditation Seat is an award winning design with padded high density memory foam for comfort in either cross-leg or kneeling position. Made in Australia the bench offers three different sitting heights in the one bench. It is versatile, comfortable and easy to use. You can even use the stool when sitting at a coffee table whilst on your laptop/device. It is just 2kg so you can take it with you to Vipassana or yoga retreats or to meditation/mindfulness classes.
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Having spent twenty years working in the corporate world and consulting to multinational businesses I understand how that world operates and what its like working for others. I believe that living your best life means living a life on purpose. And having been through a major life change myself I am able to help others with the personal shift required to move from a corporate career to going it alone. Or if you're not in a corporate role, but want a change or a shift to occur in your life, I can help you too. There are plenty of options available for you. Check in for some mindfulness meditation training. Get mindfulness coaching. Or have a read of my blog that includes information on the latest mindfulness news, meditation, and much more. In fact, I try to include anything that will help you to live a better life. I can work with you wherever you are in the world by Skype.
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