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Scientific Nutrition aims to rid urban India of it's catastrophically growing obesity problem. A rise in overweight people fuels a rise in dubious products and markets too... our mission is to spread scientific awareness and learning through our training programs, foods and supplements. So if you are someone who wants to lose weight, get lean, reverse lifestyle conditions like hypertension or diabetes, or simply improve your health - you are at the right place! Ironically, we are NOT some $$$ million dollar funded company, but rather a small team of people, crazy about health, food and fitness! That also means when you contact us, you don't get a reply from a "support guy", you directly get someone on the team answer your queries! Let us know how we can help you get fit, lean and strong!
Spiral Band offers a patented technology designed to create passive but flexible resistance unlike any other product. Better than any resistance band, more responsive than a typical strap training system. Our technology has revolutionized the fitness industry as we know it. Our Spiral Bands will replace the resistance bands we typically see. With our bands, you can transition into different exercises, different movements without worrying if the Spiralband is going to fall off. Can't do that with the common resistance bands. Our Spiral Bands are built with up to 20 lbs. of patented resistance. With each accelerator band giving you an additional 20 lbs. each. Take with you anywhere; on the road, on vacation, insiode, outside, in the pool. You go, We go. Our Spiral Body Series is the first patented full body workout training system offering you the band and strap like qualities. We offer the first in a true "Push and Pull" training system like no other.
Tudo para suplementao: whey protein,bcaa, creatina,plutamina, cafena e muito mais...
Suplife Adventure r en online terfrsljare som tillhandahller konkurrenskraftiga priser p Stand up paddle boards.
We created The Change Militia to share the concepts that we live by that allow us to be happy, content, fulfilled, playful, and strong and to really focus on being increasingly kind. By practicing the movements and concept in this system, you can live the same way with kindness, tolerance, empathy, and playfulness. You will begin to powerfully influence your friends, relationships, family, work, and community. Your way of being will change your world. This program will drastically improve your health and wellness. It will affect the wellness of your family, your neighborhood, groups, communities, and businesses that you are a part of. Your influence and the influence of other Change Militia members will radiate and ripple out into the world! We chose the word militia because we envision a movement made up of a passionate community of people coming together for beneficial personal and social change. We want to overthrow the oppression of resistance, intolerance, and unkindn
Here at The Fit Project we want to give you the full package! Many companies will offer personal training and Nutrition, The Fit Project offers a whole lot more. Personal Training Work with one of our Trainers 1-2-1 to achieve your goals. We have trainers specialising in every aspect of fitness to guarantee results! If you're worried about training alone, don't worry you can train with a friend! Group Training The Fit Project specialises its group training in HIIT ( High intensity Interval Training) classes. We currently offer early morning and evening classes. These classes are specifically designed to challenge the individual to their full potential. From an exercise beginner to athlete we will cater these classes for you. Nutrition We believe in good food! Whats better than eating the food you enjoy and reaching your goals! All of our nutrition plans and tracking are linked to our phone app in which you have 24 hour support to one of our coaches to answer any questions
The Transformation Lab specialises in Body Transformations. Excelling in Training for Fat Loss, Muscle Gain and Nutritional Programming. Results come first.
Topeka Sports & Family Chiropractic is an evidence based and patient-centered practice, dedicated to help our community reach their full potential. Our mission is to help our patients maximize their health through effective chiropractic care, rehabilitation services, and nutritional advice.
Personal Trainer Certified, Group Exercise Specialist, offering OnLine training services for anyone in the USA, In-Person personal and small group personal training offered in NW Houston in the Copperfield area. Functional Aging Specialist focusing on fitness for 50+ years of age. BABY BOOMERS, contact me to reserve your spot for 1/2 hour small group personal training sessions specifically and especially designed for the 50+ individual. It's not Sit and Fit! Nor is it a bootcamp. Come try a class for FREE and see how you love it. Bring a friend and make new ones and enjoy sweating and improving your movement along with others around your age. For the sake of your health now and in the future, don't wait!
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