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Extincion es un blog dedicado a aquellas especies que se encuentran en peligro de extincion en la actualidad. En esta pagina web se encontraras aquellos mamiferos, peces, reptiles, aves, anfibios e invertebrados con un alto riesgo de desaparecer. Conoce las causas que han llevado a que ciertas especies se encuentren al borde la desaparicion en estos dias asi como las consecuencias medioambientales de ello.
UNLOCKING AUTOIMMUNITY INC. IS A NON PROFIT MOVEMENT DIRECTLY FUNDING STANFORD MEDICINE, JOHNS HOPKINS MEDICINE AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE RESEARCH CENTER, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA- GAINESVILLE AND THE LAMB FOUNDATION FOR DYSAUTONOMIA. The purpose of every aspect of this movement is to raise awareness for the estimated fifty million Americans, and millions more worldwide suffering from an autoimmune disease. Most importantly the purpose is to come out of the major deficit in funding for those working extremely hard to find better treatments and cures for these diseases that cause us to suffer daily. To discover solution. It was recently stated to me that health is a state of mind. I firmly believe that a positive mind and emotional well-being can and does have a profound impact on the overall health of the human body as well as its ability to heal itself. Im unsure we as humans have been able to tap into that completely as many diseases still prove to take many lives. These diseases con
We focus on providing programs by which we can cultivate greater emotional and social intelligence.
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