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For those of you, who pay scary high prices for Indian products, Distacart lets you buy directly from local sellers in India,so that you can save money and live a prosperous life. If you struggle to find Indian products in the USA , Distacart lets you buy from a huge collection of Indian products directly from local sellers, so that you enjoy all the riches of your home country at low prices.
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We import and distribute products from New Zealand. Including Manuka honey both bio active and UMF, bee propolis and all natural sea salt. We use these products to manufacture high quality Manuka honey candy, cough and cold supplements, body care and propolis supplements. There is also our unique Organic/Kosher pacific sea salt, with no additives. This comes in a varitey to sizes and coarseness. Also a delicious chipotle BBQ and mesquite smoked salt.
We're Stevien. We offer delicious, naturally healthy stevia products. Our mission is to change the way people nourish their bodies and promote the practice of food as a tool for health and well being. Our product line includes zero-added-sugar and low-calorie jams, syrups, teas, gummies, marshmallows, cotton candy, and gelatin. Come and discover the power of stevia to transform your health.
Our mission is to stick with fruits; to showcase all-natural great flavors and benefits for both the body and the soul
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