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TileBuys continues to raise the bar on the luxury tile buying experience by delivering a sense of style and unrivaled customer service at the highest level. With the intimate involvement of the Skadsen family and full implementation of the TileBuys (TM) brand standards, TileBuys (TM) ensures the highest quality product while maintaining ultimate uniqueness and outpacing the competition by our unique approach on material selection, design, manufacturing and importing. We believe firmly a successful operation is deeply rooted in partnerships based on collaboration and flexibility. TileBuys (TM) is actively expanding its portfolio of award-winning one of a kind luxury waterjet mosaics. We are currently seeking national opportunities for the best large scale developers, interior designers and custom home builders seeking only the highest quality materials in key destinations to add to our renowned portfolio. For more information please email us at
Bazaar Anatolia Turkish Handcrafts; Turkish Copper Mugs, Copper Pots (Turkish Coffee Maker), Hammered Copper, Turkish Coffee Sets, Copper Sauce Pan, Copper Pans
bathroom, accessories, shower curtain, animal, fun, children, bathroom mat, dispenser, toothbrush,
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